Algorithmic Meta- Creativity

Creative Computing and Pataphysics for Computational Creativity

Dr. Fania Raczinski

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INSPIRATIONS CREATIVITY & PATAPHYSICS BODEN CREATIVE COMPUTERS PATALGORITHMS CREATIVITY & INTELLIGENCE EVALUATION FRAMEWORK Appendix A Appendix B Appendix C Appendix D Appendix E Introduction Inspirations Methodology Pataphysics Creativity Technology Evaluation Foundations Interpretation Implementation Applications Patanalysis Aspirations Outroduction Questions Contributions I Publications Guide Contributions II Motivation Yossarian Syzygy Surfer Faustroll Borges Queneau Library of Babel Transdisciplinarity Nicolescu Arts & Humanities Intradisciplinary Subjectivity Objectivity Theory & Practice Bök Oulipo Hugill Brotchie Ubu Grand Gidouille Alfred Jarry Clinamen Syzygy Antinomy 3 X Models Speculative Computing 4 X Models Unite & Conquer (Yang) Information Retrieval Formal Models TF-IDF TDM Computer Science Linguistics Max Entropy & Obscurity Regex Coder Culture N-Grams POS SPECS CSF Criteria 2 X Models MMCE Processes Creative Tripod Relevance Computers Creative Computing Computational Creativity Ranking Searching & Browsing Precision & Recall TMPR 5 P Model Patadata Disciplines Pataphysics & Creativity Abstract & Concrete Digital Humanities Brain vs. CPU Programmer AI & AGI Cohen Infantalisation Zombies (Un-) Definitions Boden Framework Python Setup HTML Prototypes Gutenberg Video CSS Image Shakespeare JavaScript Poetry Digital Opera Patadata Ontology Dennis' Algorithms Patakosmos Impact Index Return all vs. First only HBP Turing Free Will Creativity & Intelligence Understanding Base Text Influences Corpora Mimicry Bias Un- creativty Models Errors Damerau Levenshtein APIs NLP Design Numbers Pataphysicalisation WordNet Performance Extensions User Testing Audio Spiral Preprocessing Rhyming Scheme Anthropo- morphism Answers Observations Output - Input
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Cover Art by Sally Wilson

Institute of Creative Technologies
De Montfort University

Prof. Hongji Yang
Prof. Andrew Hugill
Dr. Sophy Smith
Prof. Jim Hendler

A thesis submitted in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy in December 2016

Cover art by Sally Wilson 2016.